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Swing Bed

The Swing Bed program was developed to provide residents/patients who are not ready for discharge with care and help needed to prepare them for self-care at home. The service is also used to provide patients with extra care before returning to the nursing home or other long-term facility.

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to treat all of our residents/patients. Many professionals will work with you to set and achieve goals. These goals are set to aid you in a speedy recovery and discharge.

Swing bed is normally a rehabilitative step before going home. This is to help the resident/patient to be more able to care for themselves at home. It is very important for the resident/patient to do as much as possible themselves, but gives them the security of knowing that the nursing and ancillary staff is always available to help.

Krystal Estrada
Director of Medical Surgical
Ph: 432-464-2360 or 432-464-2361
Fax: 432-464-2371

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